Strategic Content Solutions

We tailor content the Google Loves to help your rankings increase.

Interviews Distribution

Increase authority by sharing statements from top ranking experts. Share their opinons and you will see exponential feedback.

Press Releases

Boost your online profile and increase your website traffic with outstanding newsworthy stories about your brand, submitted to news portals and press release distribution services.

Blog Posts

Keep content fresh and detailed is important in Google's Eyes and your end user.

Link Building & Content

An effective link building SEO strategy should be based on top-quality content. Its more effective building links on quality content as it gets shared. Whether you operate as a business or its your individual site, website visitors always search for value. For instance, it would be inadvisable to provide a link to a home page or shopping cart. Most websites that under-perform online are stuffed with links and keywords rather than having top quality articles and blogs which are assist in building authoritative website links. Let us elaborate some of this terms: Content Marketing – This is when you come up with valuable content and share it on your blogs, articles or info graphics with an aim of attracting website traffic. It is also a great way of getting hold of new customers. Link building – Here, other blogs and websites showcase links from your web pages which boosts your SERP rankings. The search engine will scour the internet searching for links that appear within your we pages and other websites so as to validate your content and determine where it should rank.

The search engine algorithm concludes that a valid/popular blog or website is one filed with authoritative links or has several other sites linking to it. Recent Google Search engine algorithm modifications are capable of identifying spam driven links from the credible ones. This makes quality Link Building & Content marketing very crucial.

It is estimated that 93% of SEO specialists use content as a part of their marketing strategy. To optimize your website online you should not be left behind. Here are some of tactics applied by Professional Lists, Inc. that will assist in creating high-quality content. This content can then be linked in other websites to direct traffic to your site.

We Perform High Quality Link Building & Content Marketing

We create quality content which is professionally crafted so as to assist in building links to your site. By mentioning quality material we mean:

  •  Information that is accurate and well-researched
  • Valuable information that its target audience finds of use
  • An impeccably written copy
  • Additional graphs, info graphics, images and videos
  • Information that is complete and up to date at the time of publication

If this five guidelines are the foundation of your link building & content strategy, your site will always perform better than your competitors.

At Professional Lists, Inc we begin by carrying out an in-depth research. We identify the top content pieces regarding your subject and ascertain which among them is missing. Different posts carry a different subject matter altogether. Our link building & content specialists combine a variety of ideas into one content and give it a personalized take on the subject matter.

In addition, we focus on the juicy posts carrying with over 1000 words. Based on our own experience and studies from website analytic platforms, we conclude that content with over 1000 words receive the highest amount of back-links and social shares. You do not have to get worked up if you are not an expert writer. At Professional Lists, Inc we can offload the burden from your shoulders. We have several content writers who are specialized in different market niches and love what they do – writing. On request we can provide you with the portfolios of some of our top writers who have specialized in that niche along with samples of their work. Once we take up the task of creating for you top-quality content we add several elements that convert it into link-able material. Here are some of the elements we incorporate within our link building & content marketing.


Let me give you an example that clarifies my point. One might write that Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular social network across the globe. However, if this information is not backed up by statistical data, it just comes out as the writers’ opinion. Now, when you point out that as of the third quarter of 2016 Facebook had 1.79 billion monthly active users of which 84.9% are outside the US & Canada, this is no longer opinion but fact. This fact-based analysis usually that has statistical backup what we can deliver at Professional Lists, Inc.

Link Building with Content

Our link building & content specialists are able to site specific sources on their claims throughout your articles in a way every reader instantly gets well-researched content. This provides your client with an opportunity to trust you more link your content. Readers are able to go immerse themselves deeper into your source topic as they will find it highly interesting.

Expert Opinions

We add credibility to the content by adding quotes. Always have in mind that link-building techniques which were preferred some time back are no longer helpful. Less focus is given to building links, as creating top-quality content is now the priority. At times we use hyperlinked worded quotes which redirect the reader to its source. For instance if I mention that John Mueller from Google had made a suggestion to webmasters that they should focus less on building links and more on quality content. Google is a trusted brand so the expert opinion from one of their own will be more powerful.

Content Link Building

Whether you had heard about John Mueller or not, being an employee of Google instantly elevates him to an expert within the SEO field. If we are unable to locate specific statistics or bits of research, we utilize more of the expert quotes. Now your content will not only be of high quality but it will contain influences who will assist in its promotion. Even if Mueller is not linked to your content, he might decide to share it with his over 14000 Twitter followers. One of his fans might be impressed with the content and share if further. Before you know it thousands of people will have accessed that information.


Finally, we pay keen attention to the resources. We identify the right situation to mention specific resources. For instance:

  • Avoid making vague sentences, try to be more specific. For instance, do not recommend someone to try out various SEO tools. Go into specifics like Paid search advertising, monitor back links, etc.
  • Do not just throw in links, you can also include images that illustrate what one will find if they click onto the link. Link Building with Content For any average reader, links will add more value to your content.

We are aware of the importance of a successful content marketing campaign, which is why we create informative, engaging and persuasive content that captures customers’ interest. We tailor a bespoke content marketing strategy for each of our clients.

Content that is enticing to draw end users to click through to your site is what we make sure to offer. We try to sell the sizzle and not the steak; we leave the cooking to you.