Google Top 10 Ranking

Google is a giant search engine that possesses more than 70 % of the searching processes on the World Wide Web. Being on the Google top 10 rankings means more exposure for your website and your clients will find you easier because all the statistics suggested that most web surfers click on results from the first two pages of search engine results.

At SEO-directmail-lists we know exactly how to utilize our experiences to place your website on the first page of Google search results. The process consists of different steps and it is all about understanding the algorithm that Google spiders use to rank different websites. These algorithms change from time to time; we at SEO directmail-liststake pride to have updates information about the rules that Google use to rank websites.

In the same time there are general rules that do not change with time:

  • Rule #1 : keywords used in your website
  • Rule #2 : number of incoming links pointing to your website
  • Rule #3: number of links between your pages.

Some of the internet service companies will help you to appear among the top Google rankings and they will charge you expensive fees for this service but after few weeks you will see that your ranking had gone down again.

At SEO-directmail-lists we only use the organic permanent links that will stay working forever for your website, which means that when you reach the top Google rankings you will stay there for a long time. The only thing that you need to know is that being on the top Google rankings is not only related to keywords and links but it is also related to your website designing and how it appears to your customers.

If you are running an e- business then, you know how much important is it to be visible for potential customers all the time. Do not waste more time and fill in the online form to get a free assessment and a free quote for your website.