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Google Maps Optimization involves using the Google Maps functionality to ensure your business can be easier located. In as much as this feature might be great for large companies, it is very essential for much smaller businesses. Google Maps are not just about marketing but positioning too.

What is the whole point behind Google Maps Marketing? Why Local Maps Optimization?

Google Maps Optimization is an important part of any successful local marketing strategy. We are eager to assist businesses take advantage of the full opportunities that are available courtesy of Google Maps marketing. At Professional Lists, Inc. we adopt a more integrated approach on local SEO marketing accompanied by our local search strategy.

Getting ranked atop your Google maps listings (In the map search results and local 3-pack) can boost any business which wants to grab the local audience. Local maps SEO when applied effectively brings in high quality local traffic whatever your business is.

SEO Perspective of Google Maps Marketing and how to get Local Maps Optimization correctly!

Google Search Engine result pages frequently showcase the local map listings tailored to the searchers keyword and location. For instance someone searching for ‘plumber Atlanta’, Google will display results which are relevant to the geographical area. Whether the searches is located in Atlanta or not, Google will tailor its geo-modifier according the keyword query entered.

Ranking Factors that are considered during Google Maps Marketing

Optimizing any business so it can appear on the local 3-pack will require several unique variables when compared to other traditional organic SEO. Among the main ranking factors which influence Google maps optimization are:

  • Is the companies Google Business page verified by the business or not on other website listings, for instance Yellow pages, Yelp, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp etc
  • The number of reviews and average rating given on Googles My Business Local page
  • How close your business is situated at the center of your geographical city or target.
  • Just how populated and optimized the company’s Google My Business page is.
  • The domain authority on the company’s website.
  • The citation mentioned on the company’s site and whether it has been linked appropriately to the Googles My Business Page.
  • The accuracy and volume of mentions/citations including phone number, business name

Importance of Google Maps Optimization

The use of mobile internet is drastically rising so is the relevance of Google maps SEO whatever the business type.

  1. The digital environment revolving around mobile use today is based on the desire to look for a local service, information or product.

  2. Google Maps are heavily featured on mobile devices for users seeking localized solutions. Google Maps a great advertising opportunity for your company.

  3. Google searches still center on local searchers within the geographical area. In addition to marketing, Google Maps displays general business and brand information. This are the operational hours, physical location, driving directions and customer reviews.

  4. When marketing your business through the local maps SEO we apply Google maps optimization techniques which have a proven track record in increasing your search engines visibility on the 3-pack listings. This is very important for businesses which have several locations or are franchised.

Google Maps Optimization Services

To execute at a solid local maps SEO campaign, your business should be listed on top search engines such as Bing Local, Google My Business or the Yahoo Business listings. When conducting Google Map marketing we do a thorough review of your websites properties. Some of the first steps taken involve:

  • Filling out information which includes operation hours, contact information and addresses.
  • Tagging Google My Business page while focusing on the right categories that ensure your listings are ranked well.
  • Add optimized images and videos of your business.
  • Implement a strategy which will deliver 5-star ratings on Google My Business and other listings.
  • A thorough audit of all local business citations while optimizing them to be consistent and accurate.
  • It might seem insignificant but Google maps marketing and optimization are very powerful SEO aspect that can give your business market edge over your competitors.

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Need assistance on Google Map listings? At Professional List, Inc. ensure your business will feature favorably on the Google Maps results, especially the top three listings. The Google Maps Optimization we offer are custom designed to meet any special specifications your business needs. We provide several optimization solutions which improve the visibility of your website based on the local 3 pack and Google Map rank results. Being an Adword Certified Agency we can fully exploit any untapped Google Map advertising. Call us today to earn more about our Google Maps Optimization.